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Melon - Home Use Insecticides

Insecticides registered for HOME use on Melons, organized by Mode of Action (MoA). For treatment on other melons, always check the label first.

Active Ingredient Brand Name MoA Residual (days) Aphids Cucumber Beetles Flea Beetles Squash Bug Grasshoppers Spider Mites Thrips
carbaryl Garden Tech Sevin 1A 14   X X X X   X
malathion Ortho Malathion 1B 7 X X         X
bifenthrin Fertilome Broad Spectrum Insecticide, Bonide Eight Insect Control 3 14 See label   See label   See label    
cyfluthrin Bayer Vegetable and Garden Insect Spray 3 14   X     X    
deltamethrin Green Light Many Purpose Dust 3 14 X X X   X    
pyrethrins Monterey Bug Buster-OOB, Garden Tech Worry FreeB 3 5 X X X X See label See label See label
pyrethrins + canola oil Earth-tone Insect ControlB, Monterey Take Down Garden SprayB 3/ 5 X See label X     X X
pyrethrins + sulfur Bonide Tomato and Vegetable 3 in 1B, Natria Insect, Disease & Mite ControlB, Ortho Insect, Mite & Disease 3 in 1B 3/M2 5 X X X See label   X X
acetamiprid Ortho Flower, Fruit & Vegetable 4A 14 X X X X     X
spinosad Fertilome Borer, Bagworn, Tent Caterpillar & Leafminer SprayB, Monterey Garden Insect SprayOB, Bonide Colorado Potato Beetle BeaterB 5 7             X
Nosema locustae Semaspore BaitOB, Nolo BaitOB --- 10         X    
oil: canola, neem, rosemary, clove, cottonseed Bayer Natria Multi-insectB, Monterey All Natural 3 in 1 Garden Insect SprayB --- 1 X   See label     X See label
potassium salts of fatty acids (insecticidal soap) Bayer NatriaB, Safer --- 1 X       X X X


Note: The information provided is not an endorsement or recommendation for any particular product. Always read the label before applying and follow the directions. Some of these materials may be tank mixed with other herbicides.

B= Biopesticide
O= Organic