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Herbicides Commercial

Table 7.1. Herbicides registered for COMMERCIAL use on Onions in Utah.

Brand Name (REI/PHI) Active Ingredient Pre-emergence Delayed Pre-emergence Post-emergence Pre-emergence Post-emergence Annual grass Small-seeded broadleaves Broadleaves Comments
Aim (12hr/-) carfentrazone X X X X X X X Use with shields between rows
Dacthal (12hr/-) DCPA X X X X X X
Fusilade (12hr/-) fluazifop X X X X
GoalTender, plus others 12hr/45d) oxyfluorfen X X X X X After 2-leaf stage; Do not use on stressed onions
Gramaxone Inteon 12hr/60d) paraquat X X X X X X Restricted use product
Nortron SC (12hr/30d) ethofumesate X X X X X X X
Outlook (12 hr/30d) dimethenamid-P X X X X X Apply after 2-leaf stage

Note: All brands are registered trademarks. Examples of brands may not be all-inclusive, but are meant to provide examples. Always check the label for registered uses, application and safety information, and protection and pre-harvest intervals.

REI = Re-entry Interval (the time required to wait before people can enter field after spraying)
PHI = Post-Harvest Interval (the time required between the last spray and harvest)