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Melon - Home Use Fungicides

Fungicides registered for HOME use on Cucurbits (Cucumber, Squash, & Melons), organized by Mode of Action (MoA). For treatment on other cucurbits, always check the label first.

Active Ingredient Brand Name MoA Powdery Mildew Gummy Stem/Black Rot
Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713 Serenade Garden Disease ControlB 44 X  
copper Natural Guard Copper Soap, Monterey Liqui-Cop M1 X  
sulfur + pyrethrins Natria Insect Disease & Mite Control, Bonide Tomato & Vegetable 3 in 1 M2/IRAC 3A X  
chlorothalonil Fertilome Broad Spectrum Landscape & Garden Fungicide, Hi Yield Vegetable, Flower Fruit & Ornamental Fungicide, Ortho Max Garden Disease Control M5 X X
myclobutanil Fertilome F-Stop Lawn & Garden, Spectracide Immunox 3 X  
oils: rosemary, clove, cottonseed, canola Monterey All Natural 3 in 1B, Natria Multi-Insect ControlB --- X  

Note: The information provided is not an endorsement or recommendation for any particular product. Always read the label before applying and follow the directions. Some of these materials may be tank mixed with other herbicides.

B= Biopesticide