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Sweet Corn - Commercial Herbicides

Herbicides registered for COMMERCIAL use on Sweet Corn in Utah.

Brand Name (REI/PHI) Active Ingredient Application Relative to Crop
Before Planting or crop emergence
Application Relative to Crop
Post-emergence to defined cro’ stage
Application Relative to Crop
Post-emergence, shielded
Application Relative to Weeds
Application Relative to Weeds
Weeds Controlled
Annual Grass
Weeds Controlled
Small-seeded broadleaves
Weeds Controlled
2, 4-D amine (48hr/-) 2, 4-D   X X   X   X X
Surpass/Cadence (12hr/-) acetochlor X     X   X X X
Aim (12hr/-) carfentrazone   X X   X   X X
alachlor products (12hr/-) alachlor X     X   X X X
atrazine (12hr/-) atrazine X X   X X   X X
Stinger (12hr/30d) clorpyralid   X     X   X X
Outlook, others (12hr/-) dimethenamid-P X X   X   X X  
Define (12hr/-) flufencaet X     X   X    
Starane (12hr/31d) fluroxypyr   X X   X   X X
Option (12hr/45d) foramsulfuron   X X          
RoundUp and others (12hr/-) glyphosate X   X   X X X X
Sandea and others (12hr/30d) halosulfuronmethyl   X   X X   X X
Callisto (12hr/45d) mesotrione X X   X X   X X
Accent (Q) (12hr/-) nicosulfuron   X X   X      
Gramoxone Max (12hr/24hr) paraquat   X X   X X X X
Prowl products (12hr/-) pendimehtalin X X   X   X X  
Princep/ Simazine/others (12hr/45d) simazine X     X   X X X
Dual (II) Magnum (12hr/-) s-metachlor X X X X   X X  
Laudis (12hr/-) tembotrione   X     X   X X
Impact (12hr/45d) topramazone   X     X   X X

The information provided is not an endorsement or recommendation for any particular product. Always read the label before applying and follow the directions. Some of these materials may be tank mixed with other herbicides.

REI = Re-entry Interval (the time required to wait before people can enter field after spraying)
PHI = Post-Harvest Interval (the time required between the last spray and harvest)